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Monday, December 14, 2009

For You...Warm Winter Wishes

Good Morning! I'm so glad you stopped by...I hope you had a great weekend. Our weekend was busy, 2 Christmas parties and some last minute shopping that turned out to be an all day affair. I'm not getting any younger and I really felt it yesterday! Today's card was for the host of one of the parties we went to. Years ago we made the mistake of taking a tin of cookies to a party for a vendor that my husband did business with, and now it is our "price of admission". It would be so much easier (and cheaper too) to take a bottle of wine...LOL!
Square cards aren't something I normally think about but the card Silke sent me last week was 4.25x4.25 and is perfect for a little note card. There is no doubt I will be making them often! Thank you Silke for sharing your talent and opening a whole new world of card making for me. The picture doesn't pick up the true colors of the card, it matched the cookie tins perfectly. Making the card was a last minute idea and I hadn't had a chance to eat lunch so I was munching on some popcorn and got oil on the ornament so instead of trashing it, I inked the Cuttlebug ornament and although I wasn't real pleased with the way it turned out, I didn't have time to redo it...I just hope the card didn't smell like popcorn...LOL. Let this be a warning to you, don't eat while you are crafting...I know I won't...for a while anyway!
Here is the recipe---
Card Size: Square 4.25x4.25
Cuttlebug: 3x3 For You Embossing Combo
Punches: EK Arrow Border Punch
Font: Cutting Cafe-Fancy Holiday Season Printable Stamps
Accessories: Metallic Cord, Gold Flat Back Pearls, Metallic Paint Marker, Craft Ink, Foam Pop Dots
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your visit. And oh yes, thank you Carol, (I'll be over to visit your blog to thank you personally a little later) it was the bold that caused the double spacing, so instead of beginning with bold font, after I wrote up the recipe, I went back to add the no more double spacing! Hope to see you tomorrow...have a great day!


Silli said...

wow, wow, wow Kelly, this is perfect!!!! I love the colors, great colorcombo!!!! I love 4,25 square cards..;-) Is the ornament a Die cut? GREAT WORK.....Happy monday and BIG hugs!!!

craftieodamae said...

This is gorgeous! Gina K. showeed how to make matching envelopes for cards that size on Stamp Tv check it out!

Sandy said...

Ohhhh how beautiful...the card is awesome...I love the look of it...and the tins are beautiful with that big bow on top....I know what you mean about not getting any younger...I had my Chirstmas party for work this weekend and I am still recovering...LOL....glad you enjoyed the flower tutes!

Carol<>< said...

Oh Kelly, I love this card such a cute and funny story, I try so hard to keep my hands clean, but there are those times! good thing there is a sink close by.
You are welcome, so glad I could help!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully done Kelly! Your stack of tins topped off with that wonderful bow and your card are perfect for gift giving. Had a good chuckle about the "popcorn fingers"! :D Tracy

Suzanne said...

Hi Kelly...Your card turned out so cute(even with popcorn fingers LOL) and goes with your cookie tins so well. That size looks perfect for sending just a little note or using as a tag. Glad someone was able to help you fix your double spacing problem!!

Beth said...

Nice card and a funny story about the popcorn.

CelticWoman said...

A masterpiece Kelly, exquisite. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Oh m'gosh, Kelly! Your card turned out wonderful, popcorn grease and all! The inking must have done it's job, because I don't see any imperfections at all. Love that metallic cord, it looks beaded. That bow topping off the tins is WOW!!!

Melodie said...

And again such a beautiful card.
Great compliment.

heyj3 said...

Oh my goodness Kelly, what a pretty card! I love the inking...good thing you were eating popcorn! The metallic paper just sets it off! Love the big bow on the tins...hugs, Mary

Fran, said...

Well Kelly, what more can be said about this beautiful card. Eat more pop-corn LOL

Sharon Caudle said...

Holy smokes! What a hostess gift!!! What a gorgeous tower and your card is stunning, Kelly!!!! LOVE how you inked the ornament, so I wouldn't worry too much about not eating popcorn again! LOL! Love it! hugs!

DonnaMundinger said...

Fabulous Hostess gift, Kelly and that card is beautiful! Great save for the oily fingers. LOL xxD

Regina Easter said...

sounds like you had a crazy day, but days are about to get REALLY crazy...gotta love the holidays...your card is how you wrapped the cookies with the bow...hugs

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