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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Top O The Mornin' To You...A Day Late

Good Morning. I know this St. Patrick's Day posting is a day late and more than a dollar short. It has been ages since I have posted but with good reason. There has been so much illness at our house since mid February. My husband and I have been passing back and forth with what would have seemed to be an ordinary common cold but it landed me in the hospital. When I couldn't catch my breath and started turning blue, I decided it was more than just a common cold, my husband called 911. They immediately transported me to the hospital where I called the PCU my home for the last week. It was a very scary experience and I am all to happy to be home. I am a little weak and it will take me a while to play "catch up" but I did want to share the cards I made since my last posting, I'm too tired to list the details but for the most part, these cards were done with my Silhouette---

That's it for now...I can't say for sure when I will be back to regular postings but I hope it isn't too long. Til then...thanks for stopping by, enjoy your day!