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I love to share what knowledge I have. I'm finding it more and more difficult to respond to your questions because some of you are not leaving a way for me to contact you. I am not ignoring those of you who have questions, but the majority of the time no contact information is given so I am unable to respond to your inquiries. If you are serious about me answering the questions you ask and do not have a Blogger account with an email address linked to it, please leave your email address or email me with your question at and I will get back with you. If you email me, be sure to put "blog question" in the subject line so I won't think it's SPAM and delete it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Important Information About Questions AND Blog Candy Drawing

Hi's me again...I want to address a few situations that have come up! The more I looked at the Merry Christmouse that I posted this morning the more I didn't like it. I tried to pry the holly flat backs off and ended up ripping the paper so I had to redo it. I replaced the holly with heart buttons and edited the picture and the recipe.

The second situation is, I'm getting a lot of emails and comments with questions and have no way to respond. Please, if you have a question, it's very important that you leave me your email. I love to share what knowledge I have with you so PLEASE help me out by leaving me a way to reach you.

The third situation is the Visa gift cards that I'm offering as Blog Candy. I have noticed there are several comments to the posting but they don't appear to be followers. This is an offering for the support and encouragement for my followers ONLY. If this is an oversight and you want to be eligible for the drawing, please check to be sure you are following me, not only in your mind but on my blog as well. I will delete the comments that are not listed on my followers list. I also have noticed that I have many new followers that have not commented on the Blog Candy posting so please be sure you have done both...signed up as a follower AND commented on the Blog Candy posting at the top of this page. I want this to be fun but also want to be fair to everyone! Have a great day!


Theresa said...

LMBO!! "Not only in your mind, but on my blog".
Who would do such a thing??? LOL (wink) Theresa

heyj3 said...

Kelly, I asked you to share how to make your incredible bows! My email address is Thanks, Mary

Melodie said...

Sorry Kelly,
I would gibe you an answer, but I have not understood all, what you have written.

Kaye's Crafty Place said...

It all makes sense to me Kelly and I think it is very fair.

Your card is beautiful either way, it is amazing how critical we can be of your own work, yours is always amazing.

Kaye x

"Um Buggin" said...

Hi Kelly, I just love your snowman card girlfriend. You have some awesome creations, and the way you use them together is fabulous. I always smile when I come to visit your blog, this is the happy place! You are so very talented my friend. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Hugz, xx


Anonymous said...

Your blog is probably one of the best I've seen...

You are truly an AMAZING TALENT!!!!!

Your cards are awesome...I love all the ones you've made for your DIL she is lucky to have such a wonderful, kind talented MIL :)



Awesome just awesome..... a huge fan!