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Monday, August 31, 2009

More Blog Awards

Thank you so much Kaye, you have no idea how much these awards mean to me. They are a real source of inspiration! If you haven't checked out Kaye's blog lately, you are in for a real treat. She has some awesome layouts that she is doing for her boys, who in themselves are awesome!

Even though she doesn't say I have to pass them along, I'd like to take this opportunity to pass both these awards to some loyal followers of my blog.





I have 5 faithful blogger friends that I can ALWAYS count on for inspiration through their comments that do not have blogs that I'd like to mention---

Migdalia from Orlando, FL
Suzanne from Houston, TX
Theresa from Brownstown, MI
Gail Newquay from Cornwall UK
Noleen from Westland, South Island NEW ZEALAND

If they had blogs, I would be passing these awards on to them as well.

Thanks everyone for your continued support!


magicwanda said...

Hi Kelly
Thank you so much for thinking of me..... I love your blog.... You really do inspire me. You are so creative
Big Hugs Wanda

Migdalia said...

AAAWWW, thank you! Like your card said today: Thanks From the Heart! You are truly an inspiration to me!

magicwanda said...

Hi Kelly it's me again ...come on over to my blog I have something for you....Girlfriend!
Big Hugs Wanda

CelticWoman said...

Kelly, you are such a sweetheart thanks so much for sharing, truly it is not hard to leave great comments cause you ARE! Hugs

Rachel said...

Awww how sweet you are Kelly!! Thank you so much for thinking of me when passing on these awards. I love visiting your blog and your wonderful creations.

Suzanne said...

Hi Kelly...Thank you sooooo much for including me with your blogger you say - you don't know how much this means to me!!!!! You are such an inspiration to me and I love coming here every day to see what you've created.

Noleen said...

Kelly, you really are a darling. I'm a newbie to cardmaking and you are such an inspiration and just so helpful. It doesn't seem to matter that we're spread all over the world does it, we're really so close together.
Cheers Noleen

Kaye's Crafty Place said...

Hi Kelly, you so deserve this award and are a great inspiration to me and many others.

Kaye x

Kaymin Kantina said...

Kelly -thanks so much for thinking of me! You too are a great source of inspiration - I LOVE visiting your blog!
Thank you again for the awards!
Hugs & Happy Days!

Theresa said...

That's great kell, you deserve it! Thanks for the sweet mention on your blog. Congrats!

"Um Buggin" said...

Kelly, you are such a sweetheart! Thank you so much for thinking of me and I am honored to receive these special awards from such a talented person. I will post them on my blog.

Hugz, xx