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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thank You All For Your Encouraging Words

Thank You all for the encouraging words concerning my husband that I have received here on my Blog and though your heartfelt emails. I have responded to those of you that I could, but for those of you that left comments here that didn't use a sign in ID, this message is for you. Like most men, he is not a very good patient. I spent the morning and most of the afternoon with him yesterday, but because he was in so much pain, and there was nothing I could do for him, I left so he could get his rest. They did have him up and walking last night, but not unassisted. I am hopeful that with each day, he will regain his strength and it will get a little better than the day before. He is to call me when he is up to having company and until then, I will get some much needed house cleaning done. I cannot believe how I have let my house go while he has been home. I hope that things will get back to normal and that I will be able to resume my blog next week. As always...that's for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your day and I will see you when I see you!


Kaymin Kantina said...

Kelly - my thoughts and prayers have been with you and your husband. While my hubby hasn't had back surgery, a few years ago he broke his leg terribly, had to have surgery and then everything that could go wrong did (blood clots, long hospital stays, etc). Hang in there - my dad always told me, "situations like this build character". Just hope you don't have multiple characters by the time everyone is healed up and moving around. I had enough characters for my own sitcome!! ;o)
Sending you big hugs!

Kris L said...

Kelly I'm so happy to hear he is "up and around", even if for a bit at a time and slowly. I can only imagine what a long and painful process this will be. Just wanted you to know I'm keeping you in my prayers...hugs...Kris

ChocolateDrop said...

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