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Monday, March 25, 2013

Once AGAIN...I Am Finding Myself Apologizing For Being A BAD Blogger

Good Morning...Thanks for stopping by. I hope you had a great weekend. Once again I am finding myself apologizing for being a bad blogger. It seems like there just isn't enough hours in the day and I am finding myself on the Internet less and less. I have a couple more Easter cards to do but I wanted to share with you the ones I have already done. For the most part, they were done with my Silhouette--

 Oh's the St. Patrick's Day card I made for our Disney lovin' friends Kathi and Bob---
That's it for now...I won't promise when I'll be back to post the rest of my Easter cards but will try to get back before Easter. Till then...Enjoy your day and thanks again for stopping by!


Beth said...

No need to apologize Kelly, I know blogging is a lot of work, I'm just thankful that you are still posting. I get some of my best ideas from you. All of these cards are fantastic, I especially love the tulips and yellow is my favorite color. Great work as always!

Marie said...

great cards as always. the buunies are adorable

Diane said...

Well, had to delete my first comment...forgot to check my spelling...anywho...LOVE your cards....the tulip one is beautiful, love that adorable dragon, too!! Understand about time on the internet, I spend WAY too much time on it...but love it and my "friends" I have met along the way...not sure what I would do without it, it keeps me sane during the winter I a nice week!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, they're all great as usual. The tulips on the white lattice really shout spring and the just-hatched dinosaur couldn't be more perfect. (Just the right size if that's the one you were talking about). But the Bunnies, ALL of them are so special. I love those tiny eggs on the twin's cards and those precious little bow ties! and the veggies filling the basket - wow, so many details and so perfectly done. They're wonderful.


MiamiKel said...

You're not a bad blogger, dear - you are just blessed enough to be busy! :) And wow, you never disappoint - your cards are just jaw dropping! Each one so beautiful and unique. TFS, made me smile! x0x0

Cheryl said...

So so so cute. Love them. You have so much detail in your cards. Getting closer to buying the Silhouette. I downloaded the program and downloaded a few free images to play with. How about making a tutorial? Have a great Easter.

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

These are just darling! Your attention to detail is remarkable! Carri~Abusybee

Melodie said...

Very nice cards you have conjured again, I'm excited.

Edilza Teixeira said...

Oi Kelly!!!

Estou apaixonada por tantos cartões belíssimos!!! Lindo de viver!!!

Feliz Páscoa e tenha dias abençoados e iluminados.

Danielle Near said...

These cards are so adorable. I just love them. I will have to start following you. Saw you on Pinterest.