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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You Are In Our Thoughts And Prayers

I'm Back...although if I knew what I was coming home to, I would have stayed gone...LOL! Our trip started off on the wrong foot. Normally we take our dogs with us but since we were going to stay with my sister in law for the first 2 days we decided to board them. We boarded them at our vets office. When we dropped them off, Triskett got so excited she piddled on the floor. We noticed that her urine looked very dark so we asked them to run a test on it and sure enough, there was blood in her urine, the vet said she had a urinary track infection. I wasn't going to go on the trip but they convinced me that this was not uncommon and she was in the best possible place, they would take good care of her and make sure she took her meds. Of course I called every day to see how she was doing and I was told she was doing fine and her urine was starting to clear. After our visit with my sister in law in North Carolina, we stopped at my oldest son's in Tennessee. My goodness how the girls have grown! He lives just outside Pigeon Forge, one of our favorite places to visit! Since the girls were in school, we only stayed 2 days then off to Virgina to see my father in law. We met up with my sister in law and her husband. We had a great time. We had fantastic weather and GREAT food. In fact I put on 5 pounds! It's always nice to be back home, and sleep in your own bed! When we picked up the dogs, we were told that Triskett had finished her meds and her urine was clear. When we got her home, the first place she wanted to go was outside to pee, when she took longer than usual, I took a look and it was nothing but blood! I called the vet and they told me that sometimes that happens with stress but to come back and they would give her more antibiotics. We we got there, I insisted that the vet see her and when he felt her bladder he said he thought he felt something strange so he took an Xray.. It's too late to make a long story short but it turns out that she had a bladder stone the size of a grape! They did surgery yesterday and hopefully in a few days she will be back to her normal self.
What prompted today's card was, late Sunday night the doorbell rang, it was our neighbor, she said that her husband passed away Sunday afternoon. He was in the hospital since Thursday with pneumonia and he just wasn't able to breathe. I'm sure there is more to it than that, but I still can't believe it, he was in his 40's and the picture of health. Not having any sympathy cards for some one special in my stash of cards, I knew immediately where I needed to look for ideas. My blogger friend Lillie is the queen of sympathy cards. If you get a chance, check out her blog, she does AWESOME work. When I went looking for ideas and seen this card, I said "HEY...I've got that Cricut cut file and here it is...

The card base is a Cricut cut file using the George cartridge that Linda Davis on the Cricut Message board offered more than a year ago, I downloaded it but never used it until now. The background layer was embossed with Cuttlebug Script Texture embossing folder and I added a piece of vellum on the inside of the card to show through the lattice work. The sentiment was computer generated using AltastGreeting font and cut with an oval/scallop Nestibilities and added the small butterfly cut with Martha Stewart 3 Butterfly punch with a flat back pearl added. The large butterfly is the Cuttlebug Butterfly Embossing Combo Die that I cut twice and glittered the embossing on the top layer and added flat back pearls. The flowers were cut with the medium and small Marvy Daisy punch, a Michael's dollar bin punch and added flat back pearls. The leaves are EK Mountain Fern Punch. I added a ribbon bow using the Bow Easy and added a cross. That's it for today...It's good to be back and hopefully I'll be back tomorrow. The next card on my agenda will be a Thank You card for my sister in law's hospitality while we were in North Carolina. Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by. I promise, next time I won't be so long winded...LOL!


Ilonka said...

Whow this is just stunning. Fantastic colours too.

XXXX Ilonka

~Jeri~ said...

awwww Kelly, I'm so sorry to hear about Triskett! I hope she's feeling better dog Bama has UTIs all the time, so I know how scared you were. Just glad they caught the stone before it was too late!! Kudos to you for making them have the vet look at her!
Now to this BEAUTIFUL card!!!! oh gosh Kelly this is amazingly stunning and breathtaking. You definitely made a special card for a special friend! My sympathies to your neighbor as well!!

craftieodamae said...

Your card is simply gorgeous!!! So glad your dog is going to be okay, they are family, I know mine is and spoiled rotten! peigon Forge is my favorite vacation spot in the whole world! Great shopping and food! (Plus 2 scrapbooking stores), I live in VA, and going to Winston-Salem NC today. We have a lot in common! Now breath and take it easy, keep making those gorgeous cards!!

Kaye's Crafty Place said...

Kelly so good to have you back, I have missed all your creations. Sounds like you have had an eventful time since being back. Such sad news about your neighbour and hope you little dog is better soon.

Your card is stunning, just perfect. I have looked at that cuttlebug butterfly so many times and never bought it and now I wish I had.

Kaye x

Theresa said...

Beautiful card Kelly. So sorry to hear about your neighbor and your baby. Hope Triskett is doing better really soon. Nice to have you back, we missed you!!!

Suzanne said...

Hi's so good to have you back!! So sorry to hear about your dog and your neighbor. Glad your dog will be okay. Your card is just stunning. I know your neighbor will appreciate your thoughtfulness!!

Migdalia said...

Glad you're back, Kelly!
I'm so sorry about your doggie and neighbor...I am glad that your doggie is doing better. Your card is just beautiful, as always..

CelticWoman said...

Oh Kelly what a story, hope pup is recovering nicely. Will keep your neighbor in my prayers, how sad. This card should bring a smile, it is just beautiful. Hugs

Rachel said...

Kelly it's good to have you back!! :0) I'm hope Triskett is doing better. and i'm so sorry to hear about your neighbor. You made a GORGEOUS sympathy card.
hugs to you!!

Karen said...

That is gorgeous - (but so sorry for having the occasion to make it)

Crayola58 said...

So sad about the neighbor.... Your card will be cherished. I hope your little dog is better. I know when my Heidi Sweetface isn't up to par, I worry.

~JulieH~ said...

Great to see you back Kelly glad you had a great trip but so sorry to hear about your neighbour and do hope Triskett feels better soon. Beautiful card I know the family will really appreciate your thoughtfulness

DonnaMundinger said...

What a scare for you! It's so upsetting to have a furbaby be sick, and then on to another shock! I'm so sorry about your neighbor. Exquisite card Kelly. Im sure it will be greatly appreciated. Hop things are all back to normal soon. xxD

Kathie said...

Hi Kelly,
Sorry to here about your dog and of course your neighbour.
But on a bright note I just love love you card. I know your neighbour will love the card and she won't really appreciate it until later on when she has a chance to sit down and take a breath.
Take Care

magicwanda said...

Oh My goodness Kelly
What a poor thing, I hope all goes well with the pooch...they are so special
so sorry to hear about your neighbor....Beautiful card
and you sure went to the right person to get it from....Lilly does Beautiful cards...Big Hugs Wanda

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly

So good to have you back. I must say I've missed my daily blog fix. This card is just stunning. I've now had to buy the Cuttlebug Butterflies. Do hope your little dog is OK. I know how precious they are. So sorry to hear of your neighbour as well.


Fran, said...

Sooo... beautiful (card)

"Um Buggin" said...

Kelly, you poor dear, I'm glad to hear that your furbaby is ok. I'm sorry to hear about your neighbor, he was young. Your card is just stunning my friend, and thank you for the compliment. I'm sure your neighbor will cherish it, my thought and prayers to her. Glad to see you back, missed you!

Hugz, xx


Lena Fonkert said...

This card is absolutely beautiful and very elegant. It is always very sad to have to make one of these, but I bet your neighbor will appreciate it. Thank you very much for sharing.
Also would you mind sharing the cut file with me. I only have DS. My email is
Many thanks.

Sharon said...


Your card is just beautiful. Sorry to hear about your dog and neighbor. Hope everything and everyone is doing better. I will keep your neighbor in my prayers.

Fran, said...

Went back into your card (larger) I just love your ribbon bow, is so neat. Wish my bows were that pretty. :-)