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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gamsol Technique-MCPT

I had a few questions on the Gamsol Technique or what is referred to as "Magic Colored Pencil Technique" and while I answered the questions on the comment, I felt that many of you may have the same question, particularly those of you who may be "newbies" so I though it was worth posting the questions and answers. They are as follows---

Question:What is the difference between Gamsol & OMS?
Answer:There is no difference-Gamsol is a brand name for Odorless Mineral Spirits (OMS) Actually I use Mona Lisa brand that can be purchased at Michaels.

Question:Which Prisma pencils do you use?
Answer:I use Prismacolor Premier. Any colored pencils can be used as long as they are wax based. It is important that they are wax based because the OMS "melts" the wax allowing the color to be spread on the paper.

Question: Do you use blending tips or a dauber or what?
Answer: For the most part I use Q-tips. For very small areas that a Q-tip is too large, I use a small watercolor paint brush.

Question:Where does one get instruction on this technique?
Answer:I am self taught with the help of the many tutorials on You Tube. I really do better by "seeing" rather than reading. Here is a link to what I consider to be the best tutorial on the subject of what is called the Magic Colored Pencil Technique (MCPT)

Something that was not asked but is also important, is the paper that is used. It is best to use a smooth paper, I use Beckett Expression which is a little pricey, but well worth it. While learning, you may want to consider a less expensive brand of paper. Georgia Pacific 130lb is a good substitute for Beckett Expression, and can be purchased at Walmart at a fraction of the cost.

I hope this is helpful and if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. If you have any questions, you may want to consider leaving your email address to receive a personal response.


CelticWoman said...

Kelly, great post, gotta love the magic pencil technique. Hugs, Sandi

Migdalia said...

I am glad you posted that q&a, since I had no glue as to what you were talking about everytime you wrote OMS! Now I know! Thanks a bunch!

Kelly said...

Migdalia you are too should have asked. If there is anything you don't understand, I'll be happy to explain!


KattyXotica said...

What are the best ink pads to use? I bought one but it bled... Do I have to use anything in particular so that it doesn't bleed? Or am I using the wrong ink all together. Thank you for your posting. Hope to hear from you soon.

- Katya